Adventure Power Maintainer 1000 - 12-Volt 1000 mAh Regulated Dual Stage Charger and Battery Maintainer

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The Adventure Power 1A Charger/Maintainer charges and maintains Sealed Lead Acid batteries in boats, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, watercraft and other vehicles. This charger is small, lightweight and safely maintains battery charge while in storage without having to disconnect from the vehicle. Over time a vehicle battery will lose charge if not in use. A battery maintainer or charger typically keeps your car, motorcycle, scooter or other vehicle battery maintained and healthy. This is especially helpful when the battery will not be used for a long period of time. Modern "smart" charger and maintainers automatically switch themselves from charger to maintainer when the battery reaches its full charge. The maintainer will send a small electrical current (trickle charge) to keep the battery at 100% charge. This will maintain the battery until the next use.
  • Switch-mode power for better efficiency, reliability
  • Physically small and light-weight
  • Full 3-stage charger, not just a battery maintainer
  • Multiple output cords ring-terminal for permanent mount or battery clamps
  • High current, fast charge state: battery charges at 2,000 mA fast charger current rate until the battery voltage reaches 14.6-Volt
  • Topping charge state: battery charges at 14.6-Volt constant voltage and current begins to taper until current is less than 500 mA
  • Precision float charge state: the charger changes to the float state and holds the battery voltage at 13.6-Volts continuous.; this allows the charger to remain connected to the batteries during periods of non-use, keeping the batteries in the state of full charge
  • Return to bulk charge: should the battery voltage drop to 13-Volt, the charger will return to the bulk charge stage
  • Reverse polarity protected